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Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009


With this ring I thee wed
And I promise:
Never to forget to make bed
Or make your breakfast at six o'clock sharp
Just the way you want it;

Fetch your slippers,
Find your pipe,
Close the window if you're in a draught;
Keep the tissues handy when you have a cold;
Keep your dinner hot and ready;
Listen to everything you say even if it bores me to tears.

I promise:
Not to squeeze the toothpaste from the middle,
Spill ash on the carpet
Or chew gum when people call;
Read the newspaper before you do
Or open the mail first

I promise:
Never to interrupt, argue, or disagre;
Never to look at another man,
Get a job that pays more than your,
Or wear high heels to look taller than you.

I promise:
Never to get frustrated or angry or scream ...
What's that? The alarm bell?
Oh, thank God it was just a dream!

Taken from Tickles and Pickles, a collection of poems by Su Taher p.34

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